SSR US Equity Strategy Update

Lowell and Andy discuss how we are managing the SSR US Equity Strategy in the midst of this volatility.Topics include:
· Recovery Score
· Shifting towards small-cap
· Suspension of normal eyesore rules

Market Volatility Q&A

Lowell and Adam answer questions from clients about how we are responding (or not responding) to the market volatility related to the coronavirus

Coronavirus and Your Portfolio

Adam and Andy discuss the recent bout of market volatility over concerns of the coronavirus. Topics include:
· A summary of the global asset class returns in response to the pandemic
· The correction in context
· Expectations following market selloffs
· What we are and aren’t doing in response

Third Quarter 2019 Market in Review

Lowell, Adam and Andy discuss global asset class returns so far in 2019, reasons for the extended pro-Growth period of outperformance and an update on our Size and Style Responsive US equity strategy

2018 First Half Market and Economy in Review

In this webinar, we cover world asset classes, current economic topics, a review of our Size and Style Responsive Strategy and stock selection methodology and important planning considerations for the remainder of the year

Third Quarter 2018 Webinar

Our quarterly webinar discussing global asset class performance, updates on our strategies and year-end considerations

2018 Year in Review

Join us for the recording of our quarterly webinar, “2018 Year in Review.”

The webinar includes:
– A review of global asset class performance for the quarter and year
– What happened to the stock market in the fourth quarter
– An update on our Size and Style Responsive US Equity Strategy
– A look ahead to 2019

Four Estate Planning Essentials

Why make it more complicated than it has to be? Avoid leaving your loved ones to deal with a lengthy and expensive probate process. Take a look at our short video outlining the four things you can do to sure up your estate!

Smarter Way to Plan for College

Growing your family is a time for optimism and hope but how will you pay for their future education? Take a moment to learn about how 529 plans can be a smarter way to plan for college

Time is Money

Albert Einstein once said, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” How can you take advantage of compounding interest? Start by watching this quick video!

October 2018 Two-Minute Market Update

A quick summary on what has transpired in global asset markets this month and its overall impact on investor goals

Pros and Cons of Diversification

Market volatility has you thinking about the risk level of your portfolio? Our wealth management team discusses the pros and cons of reducing the risk in your portfolio and diversifying across other asset classes

Investments 101 with Burney Wealth Management

What are the base line things you need to understand about investing? This video explores your basic investing options, describing the pros and cons of the major asset classes.

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