Road to Retirement: Webinar Series

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What's Included?

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Each part is broken into chapters, outlined below:


Part 1: Am I Retirement Ready?

  • Should I retire?
  • How do I retire?
  • Can I retire?


Part 2: Taxes in Retirement

  • Retirement vs. the working years
  • Tax treatment of the typical retirement income building blocks
  • Key factors that determine YOUR retirement tax bill
  • How to proactively plan for taxes in retirement
  • What can you do to feel more confident?


Part 3: Get Strategic About Social Security

  • The value of Social Security
  • Will Social Security be there for me?
  • How are Social Security benefits calculated?
  • What are some common Social Security claiming mistakes?


Part 4: The Reality of Retirement Healthcare Costs

  • Early retirement healthcare costs
  • Understanding Medicare
  • Long-term care - is it for you?


Part 5: I'm Retiring. Should My Investment Strategy Change?

  • Pre-retirement (accumulation phase)
  • Retirement (distribution phase)
  • Revisiting your retirement plans


Part 6: Leaving a Legacy vs. Living a Legacy (Estate Planning)

  • Make changes to your account when needed
  • Understand the process of setting up your trust
  • Live your legacy through charitable giving
  • Communicate with your loved ones


Part 7: Q&A with Retirement Experts

  • Retirement experts answer questions from a live audience

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