Road to Retirement Webinar Series

Welcome to the full Road to Retirement Webinar Series. Below, you'll find all 6 parts of the series + a bonus live Q&A.

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Enjoy the series!

Part 1: Am I Retirement Ready?

Retirement is something we plan for most of our lives, but most people haven’t thought about what it will be like in reality once they get there, or if they are truly ready.

In Part 1 of the Road to Retirement Webinar series, we tackle the psychological and logistical questions of retirement planning, like:

  • Should I retire?
  • How do I retire?
  • Can I retire?

Part 2: Taxes in Retirement

In Part 2 of the Road to Retirement Webinar series, we’ll discuss what internet searches and your friends leave out when they provide retirement planning advice, like:

  • How your tax situation will differ from your working years
  • Tax treatment of typical retirement income building blocks
  • Key factors that will determine your retirement tax bill
  • How to proactively plan for taxes in retirement

Part 3: Get Strategic about Social Security

In Part 3 of the Road to Retirement Webinar series, we’ll tackle our most-asked questions about Social Security, and get you thinking about creating a strategy for applying for your benefits. Our agenda includes:

  • The value of Social Security
  • Will Social Security be there for me?
  • How are Social Security benefits calculated?
  • What are some common Social Security claiming mistakes?

Part 4: The Reality of Retirement Healthcare Costs

In Part 4 of the Road to Retirement Webinar series, we answer the following questions so you can understand the reality of healthcare costs in retirement:

  • What are my options for healthcare before age 65?
  • What do I need to know about Medicare?
  • Is long-term care for me?

Part 5: I'm Retiring. Should My Investment Strategy Change?

In Part 5 of the Road to Retirement Webinar series, we'll take a look at what will drive potential tweaks to your investment strategy once you retire. We'll consider:

  • Setting your strategy during the accumulation phase (pre-retirement)
  • Determining your cash-flow needs and tweaking your strategy as required
  • Adjusting for a change in priorities during retirement

Part 6: Leaving a Legacy vs. Living a Legacy

In Part 6 of the Road to Retirement Webinar series, we'll consider different estate planning strategies, helping you determine which path is the best fit for you and your legacy. We'll discuss:

  • Avoiding probate;
  • Reviewing your plans;
  • Being strategic about intentional giving;
  • Making the right moves for your trust; and
  • Setting realistic expectations for your loved ones.

Finale: Live Q&A With Retirement Experts

In this special edition of our Road to Retirement Webinar Series, our experts are addressing your top retirement concerns – delivering real answers to real questions on topics like:  

  • Retirement Readiness,
  • Tax Planning,
  • Social Security,
  • Healthcare Costs,
  • Investment Strategy, and
  • Estate Planning