sample financial plan

Sample Financial Plan

Before you ever commit to working with us, we want to sit down with you, learn about your goals and plans, and create a financial plan tailored to you.

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What's in the Sample Financial Plan?

This free 13-page PDF shows what you can expect to see in your financial plan (but specified to you, of course), including:

  • Your financial blueprint
  • Your balance sheet
  • Your short-term cash flow analysis
  • Your lifetime cash flow analysis
  • Your personalized tax report
  • Your personal portfolio analysis

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About Burney Wealth Management

At Burney Wealth Management, we're not about impersonal, run-of-the-mill metrics like your age group, hitting a specific savings target, or conventional stock/bond mixes.

Instead, you get a team of credentialed financial professionals with a five-decade track record of building forward-looking portfolios. We have access to advanced planning, modeling, and investment tools to ensure you stay ahead of any risks and opportunities.

We do the research to project towards the future, not simply follow outdated rules of thumb.

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